Range Finder – What It’s Used For?

sabato, settembre 30th, 2017

There is a new rangefinder That will put others to shame. The Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder has a number of great features and many customers say that it is well work the investment.

When a Man is playing a Round of golf clubs they can have some trouble locating their ball. They may be unable to see it on the grass of these weeds. This V4 provides them a great solution. It is ready to focus quickly, has an extended ranges, and will calculate distances faster than previous versions.


This really is one of the main Attributes of the V4. It’s able to calculate a distance anywhere between 5 yards and 1000 yards. This will enable somebody get a fantastic view of this flag and get an idea of where they need to strike the ball.


Someone Will Have the Ability to “see ” their shot before they take it. The system was designed to concentrate immediately and will offer five times the magnification permitting a person an edge. There is even a PinSeeker features that is powered with the JOLT technology. This will be able to vibrate when the targeted flag is found. There is not any slope technology utilized so it is perfectly legal to use during the game.

This V4 is simple to carry. There’s a small carry case that is made of hard material. This way someone doesn’t need to worry about it breakingup. The case will also fit in the golf bag without a problem. There is also a 2 year warranty which includes this device.

When a person wants to Enhance their golf shot the V4 can help. They’ll get a better view allowing For a more accurate shot. See more at: take a look at the site here.

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